"Heartbeat of our community"

Church: 01865 396241

Rev Heather Carter: 01865 778728

Sunday Service
10am Holy Communion with Children's Church


If you are a visitor we do not expect you to contribute to our running costs, please feel welcome just to come and worship with us, without feeling any pressure to put money in the basket.

However, if you would like to give to our work we would be delighted!

Donate at BT Giving

How can I give money to Holy Family Church?

There are several ways to give money to God's work in Blackbird Leys.


With a credit or debit card via BT MyDonate. Please note that as well as general giving, you will soon be able to give to the Redevelopment (Building Fund) via MyDonate.


We would encourage you to give by Standing Order if possible. Not only is this way regular, but it helps the church immensely in setting our budgets. You can set this up directly with your bank - all the details you need are on the 2017 Giving Form.


In the offering baskets at Sunday gatherings. If you can Gift Aid, see below - please use one of the envelopes provided.


If you are a UK tax payer, Gift Aid is a great way of increasing the value of your gift at no additional cost for you. If you identify your giving, the church can claim 25% extra on your gift!

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